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Case Studies/Testimonials

Check-It Solves Energy Consumption Problem

Check-It Solutions Press Box Case Study What do you do if you get an incredibly expensive power bill and you don’t know why? There are thousands of money saving opportunities available for business owners. However many owners overlook the most obvious, their electricity bill. As well most business owners, especially heavy electricity users, see their electricity bill as an unchangeable and necessary expense. Something as simple as leaving the lights on overnight can cost a business hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. For the Press Box Sports bar in Regina, Canada this couldn’t be more true. Thriving in the Restaurant/Bar industry is often dependent upon management’s ability to minimize operational costs. Therefore finding a way to reduced cost by automating their business was extremely appealing for The Press Box...

“Seeing” the Value from Green Energy:

Check-It Solutions White Paper Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important to supplement the under capacity and aging North American energy grids. As energy demand continues to increase, so will the frequency of blackouts and brown-outs.

Housing developers and individual homeowners across the continent are taking action. Infrastructure is now in place allowing private homeowners with renewable energy systems to “sell back” excess energy to their local grid. However, renewable energy systems can be expensive to install and therefore difficult to justify on


Pecan Street Inc. Selects Companies for Consumer-Focused Smart Grid Offering

Check-It Solutions White PaperPress Release • September 2011

Best Buy, Check-It, Chevrolet, Freescale, Intel, Landis+Gyr, Sony, SunEdison and Whirlpool to provide range of new smart grid and consumer products, including communications platforms, home services systems, smart appliances, charging of cars from home solar panels and one of the nation's most concentrated residential installations of electric vehicles


Measurement Changes Everything!
A Disruptive Technology

Check-It Solutions White PaperA cutting-edge technology that will make buildings and their inhabitants much more energy efficient is poised to enter the mass market. This technology is cost-effective and can be implemented on any scale from a single house to a national program. Remediation of our existing building stock represents the lowest-cost and most-immediate way to reduce both the national energy bill and the production of greenhouse gasses. While millions of dollars have been spent on efforts to improve the energy efficiency of homes and small commercial buildings in the U.S., these expenditures have been much less effective than they could have been because of our inability to collect relevant data and to learn from past experiences....