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HVAC Monitoring

  • Energy Management Starter Kit

  • Electricity Water/Gas Monitoring
  • Lighting Electrical Control
  • Temperature Thermostat Control
  • Solar Wind Tyrbine Monitoring Geothermal
  • HVAC Performance
  • Add-ons and Alerts
Check-It Solutions
  • Remotely monitor performance of your A/C or heating units without off-site travel time and costs.
  • Receive alerts when maintenance is required for filters, refrigerant, air flow and ventilation
  • Monitor in and out temps, air temps and ambient temps
  • Reports on run-time hours and energy usage of motors

Monitor irregularities and fix small issues before they become big problems.

Check-It Solutions

The Check-It HVAC Energy Monitor is designed to monitor several parameters within the heating and cooling system reporting ongoing performance or mechanical failure alerts. The HVAC Energy Monitor aggregates all of the sensor data, and sends it to the Check-It solutions platform where the data can be viewed by the contractor or property owner.

The option to monitor temperature supply and return airflows or suction/pressure lines is possible with the check-It wireless adapter and up to 4 temperature probes.

  • Check-It Solutions8 Temperature Inputs
  • 2 Humidity Inputs
  • 2 static pressure readings
  • 2 energy readings (current transformers)