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Add Ons

  • Energy Management Starter Kit

  • Electricity Water/Gas Monitoring
  • Lighting Electrical Control
  • Temperature Thermostat Control
  • Solar Wind Tyrbine Monitoring Geothermal
  • HVAC Performance
  • Add-ons and Alerts

Check-It SolutionsCheck-It Solutions

With the Check-it system the options are endless, if there is a sensor available, you can monitor it!

  • Automatically turn on lights, receive alert, and trigger buzzer when a vehicle enters a yard.
  • Receive an alert if overhead door failed to close and then close it from smartphone or web browser.
  • Alert your phone when a door, window, or motion sensor is triggered while you are away.
  • Use virtually any wired sensors already installed to trigger alerts and control functions
  • Customize to your needs by triggering motors, relays, actuators, pumps and virtually any electrical device.

Supported sensor / input configurations:

  • 4 - 20 mA
  • 0 to 10 Volt
  • Temprature probe
  • Humidity probe
  • Static pressure
  • Dry contact

Supported outputs:

  • Dry contact
  • Relay (120 V AC)