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  • Energy Management Starter Kit

  • Electricity Water/Gas Monitoring
  • Lighting Electrical Control
  • Temperature Thermostat Control
  • Solar Wind Tyrbine Monitoring Geothermal
  • HVAC Performance
  • Add-ons and Alerts

About Check-It Solutions

Founded in 2008, Check-It is a leading designer and developer of innovative, reliable monitoring and control services. The Check-It Solutions Platform is built using the latest technologies and backed by an experienced software development and hardware design team. The Solutions Platform and our line of CG-xxx controllers have been entirely designed and developed in-house by the Check-It Solutions team.

We currently provide our solutions to a wide range of customers with unique needs within residential and commercial properties, and renewable energy systems with customers across the globe. We have successfully implemented very wide ranging applications such detailed energy monitoring on every circuit updated every few seconds, septic tank levels with real-time overflow alerts, beverage flow meters to understand sold vs poured amounts, and stand alone wind turbines in remote locations. These are just a few examples of our flexible capabilities to integrate almost any sensor or controllable device.

At Check-It, we encompass a passion for innovation to deliver the best in machine to machine solutions, support and customer service. We have many packaged solutions available or we can custom design our components to help with any project using the latest in communication, web or smartphone technologies.