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The Problem

What do you do if you get an incredibly expensive power bill and you don’t know why? There are thousands of money saving opportunities available for business owners. However many owners overlook the most obvious, their electricity bill. As well most business owners, especially heavy electricity users, see their electricity bill as an unchangeable and necessary expense. Something as simple as leaving the lights on overnight can cost a business hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. For the Press Box Sports bar in Regina, Canada this couldn’t be more true. Thriving in the Restaurant/Bar industry is often dependent upon management’s ability to minimize operational costs. Therefore finding a way to reduced cost by automating their business was extremely appealing for The Press Box.

Check-It Solutions - Pressbox Testimonial

Check-it Solution. 

Providing energy management and automation for a company such as the Press Box can be a substantially challenging task. Understanding what needs to be altered and what needs to be left alone was crucial in providing a turnkey solution for the Press Box. Everyone has a unique problem; Check-it’s job is to find a solution for this problem.

"We have developed a process that allows us to accurately see where a company is losing money. 

This allows us to upgrade only what is necessary ensuring that our clients quickly see a return on investment."

- Jami Manastyrski, President, Check-It


In order to fully understand an organization’s needs Check-It always begins by benchmarking current energy consumption levels. Therefore Check-It installed a system that benchmarked the Press Box’s daily energy consumption habits, giving insight into where their energy bill could be reduced. Check-It’s initial benchmarking process revealed three main areas for improvement for The Press Box:

1) Automating and Retrofitting

The Press Box Sports Bar consumes quite a bit of energy on a daily basis. Being a sports bar there are over 40 plasma TVs, multiple projector, and several large coolers. Therefore it wasn't hard to believe there were multiple ways Check-it could improve the sports bar’s energy efficiency. Before tackling the larger projects such as the refrigerators Check-It focused on the lighting inside the bar. The Press Box has nearly 40 novelty bar lights on during business hours. Often these lights were left on over night.

By automatically shutting down these lights at nighttime Check-It saved the organization quite a bit of money. In addition to this Check-It also installed LED lights throughout the bar and kitchen reducing the Press Box’s electricity consumption.

2) Centralizing Controls

Any bar or restaurant owner will tell you that one of the largest hurdles they face is turnover and training new staff. As a result protocols and duties are often not performed properly and money is wasted for something as simple as an employee forgetting to turn of the lights when closing. These problems may be a minimal expense when they occur a couple of times but if the problem happens frequently it can become costly. The solution was simple, however, the result was not. Shorten the amount of duties for employees by centralizing The Press Box’s controls and create an iPad based command center. This command center allowed The Press Box’s employees to close the sports bar down in seconds. The employees no longer have to individually shut down each light and TV, as they can now access almost all of their electronic devices on an iPad.

Check-It Solutions - Pressbox Testimonial

3) Money Saving Monitoring

While making things easier for the Press Box employees was certainly a goal, there were greater ways Check-it could impact the sports bars bottom line.

"We knew that restaurant’s and bars biggest expense was often waste. This can come in many forms, from a refrigerator malfunctioning, to beer spillage, we looked for ways to combat waste and increase the Press Box’s bottom line."

- Jami Manastyrski, President, Check-It

In order to combat waste Check-It installed several modules to ensure the Press Box operates more effectively. Check-It started with the coolers by installing a temperature monitoring system. This effectively decreased expenses for the Press Box in two ways. The monitoring system automatically adjusts the temperature controls to optimize energy usage. As well this system notifies management if a cooler malfunctions. For example, if the cooler breaks down overnight the Check-It system alerts management via text message allowing The Press Box to transfer food to another cooler before it spoiled. In addition to the cooler management system, Check-It recently installed a monitoring system into the draught beer lines. This system compares the amount of beer poured to the amount of money charged for the beer. Because this system has just recently been installed the quantifiable effects have yet to be determined, however it isn’t hard to imagine that this monitoring system will deter waste and theft.

All of this investment would mean nothing without measureable statistics to reference. The strongest evidence of cost saving for The Press Box is their energy bill. When comparing the Nov 2011 bill to the Nov 2012 bill, The Press Box saved nearly 20%. Essentially paying for the service in a matter of months.

"Check-it completely exceeded my expectations. At first I was a little bit skeptical of their services but they certainly proved me wrong. Even when they were faced with a problem that they hadn’t seen before they found a solution that worked for us. 

I couldn’t be more satisfied with their service. Not only did they save our company thousands of dollars per year, they also made our staff operate more efficiently."

- Kevin Dureau, Owner-Managing Partner, Press Box Sports Bar